Get Transmission Repairs Done On Time

Essential Tips When Choosing Transmission Repair Service

The major percentage of the population in the US has their personal vehicle.  However, that does not necessarily mean that all of them have the expertise to determine and repair the problems in case there is an unforeseen breakdown.  Your vehicle particularly your transmission is a complicated matter and should only be managed by the experts who have a thorough training on automatic transmission repair or manual transmission repair.  We highly recommend following these tips when you are looking for a transmission repair service.

Look for a Mechanic Even before Your Transmission Break Down

Most common mistake of the vehicle owners is that they wait for their car to go out before they find a mechanic.  During this situation, their only option is to go to the closes or the cheapest transmission repair service.  You should never wait until your transmission is requiring a repair.  You should visit a reliable transmission service now to get your car examined.  There are various ways on how you can find a reliable repair services, but you need to make their expertise your primary point of consideration.  An expert transmission service like Jamie’s Transmission has the professionalism and the knowledge to solve even the most complex problem in your transmission.  When you choose an expert repair service, you can guarantee that you will be receiving a high-quality work and a long-term result.

Look for the Promo, Discount, and Coupons

Many transmission repair service shop will advertise their discount and promo as a way of promoting their business.  You can check the local newspaper or the online site.  You can save a lot of money even if it is just a 10%-20% discount especially if your transmission needs an expensive repair.  Jamie’s Transmission offers a lot of discount especially for the seniors and the military personnel who make the transmission repair cost more affordable.

You Can Get Some Service For Free

No one offers the transmission repair service for free, but there are actually some services that you can get without paying a single cent.  For instance, in Jamie’s Transmission Shop, you can get the inspection, estimate, test-drive and diagnostic without any charges.


While a big portion of the population may own their own vehicle that certainly doesn’t mean that all of us are experts in identifying or repairing the problem, in the event of an unexpected breakdown. Cars and especially, transmissions are complicated and should only be handled by a trained expert who understands the ins and outs of car transmission repair. Therefore, it’s important to follow these three tips when searching for a car transmission repair service for your vehicle.

Find a mechanic BEFORE your transmission goes out (or even, before it starts acting up). Many people make the fatal mistake of waiting to find a repair shop until their vehicle is broken down. This way, they have no other choice, but to go with the cheapest (which could be the worst option)…or the closest option (which could also be the worst). Don’t wait until your car transmission actually needs repair — get a reliable transmission repair shop you can trust, today! There are several ways to find a reputable mechanic or repair shop who is experienced in car transmission repair. A professional repair shop will have the capabilities and the expertise they need to solve even your most difficult transmission problems, in an affordable and effective manner. If you choose an experienced transmission repair shop, you will have the benefit of getting good quality work with good, long-term results and you can spare yourself from being cheated by inexperienced service personnel or mechanics.

Look for money-saving promotions, coupons and other discounts. Most car transmission repair shops will advertise their discounts, post coupons or run other promotions in the hopes of obtaining your business. Check through the local newspaper — many repair shops offer special promotions or coupons to discount-savvy shoppers through the local newspaper. If you’re paying for an expensive transmission repair — even a discount of 10 to 20 percent can save you a lot of money. We offers discounts to, seniors and military personnel, as well as, printing several coupons to make your car transmission repair, more affordable.

Get everything free. Okay, well maybe you won’t be able to get the actual repairs free, but there are several “free offerings” that you should look out for when shopping for a car transmission repair service. Some of the free options include, a FREE estimate, a FREE pick-up and delivery service (as long as you are within a pre-determined distance) and FREE diagnostics services. Some car transmission repair shops also offer FREE routine check-ups and FREE fault-detection services, as well

If you consider yourself a smart consumer, you know that playing it smart is about saving as much money, but getting the most bang for your buck, as you can — is definitely the way to go. Keep these simple tips in mind, the next time you are choosing a car transmission repair service for your manual transmission vehicle

Choosing A Transmission Shop

Choosing A Transmission Shop

For most people, the first time they think about choosing a transmission repair shop is when they notice their car isn’t shifting right. That puts them behind the eight ball right from the start: They’re suddenly confronted with what could potentially be the biggest repair bill they’ve ever dealt with to fix their car, and they’re at the mercy of a total stranger.

Faced with those feelings of vulnerability, they start calling transmission shops. Where to turn? How to choose? These days you have a lot of choices when looking for a transmission shop. You could take it to any one of a dozen different independent shops in your area that offer transmission repairs.

Selecting A Transmission Center

Or you could choose your nearby Cottman center. Why Cottman? Why not an independent? The fact is, there are a lot of honest, capable independent transmission shops out there; the vast majority, in fact. And sure, there are a few shysters who are only out there to separate you from your wallet. The hard part is telling the difference.

That’s because a con man’s stock in trade is being able to look you in the eye and lie to your face. You may never even know you’ve been swindled, because they’re so good at making you believe they’re your very best friend. The better choice? Find a shop you can trust… before your transmission starts acting up. And there’s no better place to do that than your local Cottman center. That’s because most Cottman centers are now Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care. So you can start to build a relationship with your local Cottman center with your next oil change… or any other service your car might need.

Honest Transmission Repair Shop

You can be sure of that, because it’s written into the bylaws and service requirements set forth by Cottman’s corporate headquarters. And we demand the highest levels of honesty and integrity from every shop owner who operates under the name Cottman. Any shop that doesn’t meet those high standards will quickly lose their right to display the Cottman logo. And that’s not so we can be nice guys or feel good about ourselves: We set those standards because it’s good business. We want you to be thrilled with your service experience so you’ll come back and refer your friends. It’s a guaranteed win-win.

Tips for Choosing the Best for Auto Transmission Repair Service

Many people now have cars and they know pretty well to take care of their vehicles. However, when there are technical problems in the engine of the car, the only way to make the car rolling again is to avail services from the competent service provider, who can deal successfully with auto transmission repair and bring the car into original working condition again. Nevertheless, there may be numbers of auto transmission repairing service centres in a locality and the car owners need to select someone, who has thorough knowledge about the repairs of car transmission. It is better to keep in touch with any local auto transmission repair service centre or mechanic, for meeting any urgent requirement in near future.

Look out for Recommendations – It is best to ask the close friends or colleagues or other family members about the references of suitable service centres providing auto transmission repair in the same locality. These people can answer from their own experiences and may recommend the service providers that have satisfied them with best car transmission repairing works.

Check out the Customers Reviews Online – Every auto transmission repairing centre nowadays has their own website, which can be checked for going through the testimonials or reviews posted by their previous customers, whether they are satisfied with the auto transmission repairing services of these agencies or not.

Compare the Quoted Estimates – Ask every shortlisted auto transmission repairing service provider of the locality free quotes, after they check the exact problem that needs to be rectified in the concerned car and be ready to provide the estimate for auto transmission repair of that car. Then the customer can compare all the given quotes and choose the most affordable one as per his budget and the quality of the service, though, decide only after judging other qualifying factors too. If any service provider is offering any discount or coupon on their specific services, the customer should have knowledge about it for availing the scope of lowering his expense on car repairs.

Know about Qualification of Mechanics – It is better to check whether the auto transmission mechanics of the repairing service provider are duly certified on dealing with all types of auto transmission repairing works from any reputed institute or the car manufacturing companies. Moreover, these mechanics and the service provider company should have a valid license from the local authority for handling auto transmission works.

How to Choose Good Transmission Service Repair Shops

Are you looking for good and honest service providers or repair shops for your car transmission? Finding a perfect service provider can be a daunting task if you are doing it for the first time. You may have heard some cases about bad transmission repairs. The transmission repairs can be cheap, provided you choose the reliable repair shop, such as Borst Automotive. Your car cannot function without proper transmission. When you know you are having problems in your transmission you need to repair the engine. If you do not get it done on time from a good service provider, you have to pay for that at a later stage where the car can completely breakdown. Many important things are there, you need to understand when you look for the repair shops.

Finding a perfect service provider can be a daunting task if you are doing it for the first time. You may have heard some cases about bad transmission repairs. The transmission repairs can be cheap, provided you choose the reliable repair shop. Your car cannot function without proper transmission. When you know, you are having problems in your transmission you need to repair the engine. If you do not get it done on time from a good service provider, you have to pay for that at a later stage where the car can completely breakdown. Many important things are there, you need to understand when you look for the repair shops.

Ask for referrals: You can start with asking referrals to your friends, family, and co-workers for some good contacts, which they have used. It is possible that you will get some good references, which can make your life simple. You can make a list of nearby service shops and see if you have the shop, which is referred to you.

Experience: Once you shortlist some good options then you check with all the other things such as the experience of the mechanic who is going to help you with your transmission service. It is important that

they should have experience to do the servicing work. Good experience will help them to do their work with confidence.

Know-how: With experience, they should also have the right knowledge about the particular engine type. As different car companies use different technology in engines. They should be able to identify the problem and work accordingly. They should help you with all the repair and servicing works and with genuine parts if needed.

Cost of the service: Another important thing is the cost for transmission service. It is good if you refer to more than one repair shop. You need to compare the pricing they offer for the same work. They should give you the industry standard pricing. The work they do must meet your budget. You will get an idea about the proper cost involved when you visit some shops. It is important that they have proper transmission fluids.