How An Electrical Panel Upgrades Works

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel is like the brain behind your electrical system. It is at your panel that the energy from the public grid enters your home and where it is distributed across the many various circuits that lead to different devices throughout your home. For this reason, it’s important to have a panel that’s properly-wired, functional, and in good condition. A damaged or worn-out panel is not only inefficient, but possibly even dangerous as it may not shut off in the event of a dangerous situation. The average electrical panel has a useful lifespan of around 20 to 30 years, so if it’s time to replace your panel

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Electrical panels are something that the average homeowner doesn’t think about all that often, and that means most people aren’t aware of the fact that they may need to have theirs replaced. Panels have very few moving parts, and yet they are integral to your home’s functionality and safety in so many ways. This is why we encourage every homeowner to keep an eye out for signs that it’s time to replace your panel and have the service completed as soon as possible.

Your panel is more than 30 years old. If you still have your original electrical panel and your home is more than three decades old, or if an inspection of your panel reveals its manufacture date is more than 30 years ago, then you should consider replacing it soon to keep your electrical system safe and functional.

You need at least one panel repair per year. Are circuit breakers constantly giving out? Are you frequently calling an electrician to come out and investigate yet another electrical issue? The problem may very well be with your panel itself. Replacing it may be the answer to all of the problems.


Here are some things to be aware of so you can make an educated decision.   If you think that you do need to overhaul your electrical system there are a few main components that need attention.  The first thing to consider is upgrade your panel to bring more power from the utility company into your home.   From there one could also identify if it’s needed to replace the existing meter to handle the increase in power supply.  Once inside your home the circuit breaker box and circuit breakers also need to be upgraded so to ensure current electrical code is met and there are not obsolete, damage or worn components.  While the electrician is overlooking your system it is important for them to also do a look-over of your wiring and it’s capacity to handle an increase in power to your home.

The next step is to add any additional circuits needed to distribute adequate power to your rooms, outlets and appliances. While tackling this it is wise to address replacing old and worn out receptacles and updating your switches to the modern decora style.  These decora style switches and plate covers are available in many colors and styles to match the decor of your home.

Do you have enough circuits available?

Your electrical panel is the hub that powers all your plugs, lights and appliances in your home. The panel will determine how much power can be distributed to power your electrical needs. The quantity and size of the circuit breakers in your main breaker box will tell you whether or not you can do this with ease or if you are putting too much load on your system.


An electrical service panel is where the main power line from the national grid enters your home and is distributed throughout your electrical system to the lights, plugs, and appliances. The electrical panel contains circuit breakers whose role is to disconnect circuits in the event of power surges to keep the excess electricity from burning your gadgets and appliances.

So if you have an old, faulty, or malfunctioning service panel, that does not fulfil its functions properly, you are at risk of burning electronics in your home, suffering a blackout, electrocution, or even electrical fires.

Circuit Breakers That Keep Tripping

When the service panel starts to wear down, it becomes increasingly susceptible to power surges. As a result, you may experience regular episodes of disconnected circuits. Another reason why the circuit breakers may be tripping is because your home’s electrical needs extend beyond the current capacity of the panel.

The Breakers Don’t Reset

Ideally, resetting a circuit breaker that has tripped should solve the problem. But if the breaker doesn’t reset long enough to resume your activities, or if resetting it fails to restore power to the application, then you could be dealing with a faulty electrical panel. You should have it inspected as soon as possible by a professional residential electrician and proper remedial action taken before the problem escalates

Signs Of Electrical Fires In The Panel

All things wear down, including the wires inside your electrical panel. These exposed wires quickly burn out, so you won’t notice unless you are around the panel. However, the signs should be evident, including a distinct odour coming from the panel, and some charring or burn marks around the circuit breakers. If you notice these signs of small electrical fires in the service panel, you may be in need of emergency electrical service.

When Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Most homeowners are pretty familiar with their breaker panels or fuse boxes. In the event of a power problem in one area of the house, this is the first place to check. However, How do you know when your panel needs to be upgraded?

How can you know what size panel you need, how many breakers should be inside and how many circuits your home demands to function properly? If you have performed a renovation lately, or have been having problems with your electrical system, it may be time for an upgrade.

Most houses are built to handle the amount of electricity that is required at the time that the home is built. As your house ages, so does your breaker panel.

electrical needs have grown greatly over the past 50 years, meaning that there are many houses that can no longer safely handle the amount of electricity that is used on a daily basis. Instead of addressing this issue properly, by having an electrical panel upgrade, many homeowners choose to deal with constantly flipped breakers and other issues.

Sometimes this could be dangerous. You may need a breaker panel in the cases below:

· Your breakers trip often.

· You have renovated your house or adding additional rooms.

· You have installed tank-less water heaters or central heat and air.

· You have bought new kitchen appliances.

· You are utilizing 240V tools in your garage.

· You still have a fuse-box, or other outdated electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel is one of the most important pieces of equipment that helps keep your Sagamore Hills home powered up all year long. However, like all good things in life, they can’t last forever. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your electrical panel, you’ve come to the right place. Stack Heating, Cooling & Electric provides electrical panel upgrades all

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Outdated Electrical Panel

You might have noticed a few indicators that your electrical panel is getting a bit older.

You’re planning on upgrading your home appliances. Ready for that new dishwasher? Well, a new home appliance means your home will be using a new amount of energy. New appliances usually mean that your electrical panel needs some attention, too.

You’ve been using a lot of power strips. Feeling like your home just doesn’t have enough outlets? Your electrical panel is probably working pretty hard to accommodate all of the extra need for power, so it might be a good idea to upgrade.

You’ve noticed your electrical panel is smelly. This is the most common sign. If your electrical panel smells like it’s burning, that probably means that you have a disconnected wire or a bad circuit breaker. This is an immediate need for an electrical panel upgrade, as this could result in a dangerous electrical fire!