Planning A Residential Electrical Remodel

Residential Electrical Remodeling

don’t forget to consider how you might need to adapt your electrical wiring to your new layout. You can’t do this alone of course, so you should talk to your residential electrician to find out how you should go about the process









Home Rewiring – You shouldn’t be dealing with electrical problems on a regular basis, but you might have exactly this problem if you live in an older house. Home rewiring is a residential electrical remodeling process that aims to improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical work. This is especially important to consider if you are thinking about conducting a home renovation.

Adding Circuits – Your residential electrician can also add new circuits to your space, including dedicated circuits. These heavy-duty circuits are designed to provide powerful appliances like dishwashers and washing machines with the electricity they need in order to function

Replacing Electrical Panel – The electrical panel is the mechanism you use to control your electricity, but older models might not be so effective anymore. Additionally, certain older homes might still have electrical panels that are no longer considered safe for the home. Your residential electrician can upgrade your panel to make your home electrical system safer and more effective.

Moving-Out Updates – If you are going to be moving out of your house in the near future, you can increase the value of your property by making certain changes. You can get any necessary residential electrical remodeling out of the way so the new buyer doesn’t have to worry about it, and this convenience can make it easier to sell your house. You can also have your residential electrician prepare the home for automation technology in case future occupants want to integrate their appliances.


The last thing you want is to finish your remodel just to find out that your residential electrical work has not been done properly. Since you’ll want to cover all of your bases, make sure you work with the right type of residential electrician.

Electrical Panel Changes, Replacements, and Upgrades

Most electrical panel and/or service changes are done for two reasons:

The existing panel is too small either in Amps (main breaker size) or there is not enough physical room in the panel to add new circuits (load) needed for a remodel, upgrade, or expansion. If you do not have enough Amps in your panel, you will need to get a service change. If you have enough Amps but not enough physical room in your panel, you will need to get a panel change.

If the panel is one of two brands—Federal Pacific or Zinsco. These panels have lost their UL listing because they are known for the potential to cause fires. In 80% of the cases tested, the breakers won’t trip when needed, which is an obvious problem. If you have one of these panels, you should very seriously consider replacing it. Depending on the size of the Amps in the panel, you might also need to have a service change done.

Kitchen Remodel Electrical Services

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to remodel your kitchen. In addition to a higher home value, remodeling your kitchen can also make it more functional and comfortable for your needs

There are a number of electrical components that you can add or modify to create your dream kitchen, such as:

Lighting re-design

LED recessed can lighting

LED under-cabinet lighting

Pendant lights

New light fixtures

Sink lighting

Island lighting

Dining room light

Microwave dedicated circuit and receptacle outlet

Countertop receptacle outlets and dedicated circuits

Island receptacle outlets

Wine fridge

Range circuit

Cooktop circuit

Double oven circuit

Disposal circuit

Dishwasher circuit

Refrigerator circuit

Hood vent circuit

Insta-Hot circuit

Warming drawer circuit

Microwave drawer circuit

Garage and Shop Electrical Services

Whether you are using your garage or an outdoor shop for your hobbies, there are a variety of electrical projects you might consider to make the space more useful. Here is a list of potential projects:

Electric vehicle charger circuit and outlet

Electrical panel change and/or service change

Lighting upgrades

Add more receptacle outlets

Garage wall TV outlet

RV outlet

Attic lighting

Crawl space lighting

Furnace and related equipment

Tankless water heater

Additional circuit and outlet for:


Woodworking equipment

Garage door opener


Benchtop outlets

Refrigerator and/or freezer

Shop heater

Whole house vacuum system

Residential Remodel

Plumbing & Electrical can work with your contractor or project manager to ensure that your project meets the necessary local building codes for your new electrical systems. If your project is small or you’d prefer to do it yourself

Plumbing & Electrical can help you obtain any necessary permits to ensure your project is up to code and safe to complete.

Deleting or capping off existing circuits before construction

Reconnecting existing wiring after revisions

Removing old wiring or wiring no longer in use

Replacing or upgrading electrical circuit panel to create more space for new circuits

Replacing or upgrading electrical service (meter) to accommodate new circuits

Pulling new wiring for new circuits

Updating out-of-compliance circuits to meet new building code standards

Installing electrical fixtures, switches, control devices, and outlets

Working with other trades to ensure mechanical devices are supplied correct amount of electrical power

Residential New Construction

Whether you are an experienced home builder or a contractor taking on your first full build, you need sub-contractors that will stick with you throughout the entire project. Plumbing & Electrical performs all necessary electrical work at the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Plus, we’re also experienced at bidding off of architectural plans, and we can turn around most bids in less than one business week.

Residential New Construction Services

Bidding from architectural plans (both digital and hard copy)

Working with local power companies to ensure successful meter installation

Obtaining necessary permitting and inspections for electrical work

Setting up temporary power poles for construction power

Executing necessary rough in and finish out wiring

Working with other trades to ensure mechanical devices are supplied the correct amount of electrical power

Commercial Finish Out

Are you making changes to your business space? From minor changes like adding new cubicles to major renovations like adding a commercial kitchen or office breakroom Plumbing & Electrical have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish these updates quickly and efficiently.

Residential New Construction Services

Bidding from architectural plans (both digital and hard copy)

Consulting on Single Phase and Three Phase (3 Phase) electrical systems

Consulting on high and low voltages 480v-120v

Installing transformers and buck/boosting transformers for specialized equipment that requires exact voltage

Obtaining necessary permitting and inspections for electrical work

Deleting old unnecessary electrical circuits

Running conduit and MC cable

Installing commercial style panel lighting, emergency lighting, and site lighting (i.e., parking lot, exterior building, bollard, etc.)

Professional Electrical Remodeling Services

minor installations and repairs are only one part of our business. We also specialize in electrical work for residential remodeling projects and additions. If you are currently undergoing remodeling or adding living space to an existing home, we can help.

Remodeling & Addition Electrical Services Include:

Ceiling fan installation

New lighting

Lighting upgrade

Fixture upgrade

Landscape lighting

Generator installation

Lighting design

Wiring installation


Design & Installation Of Lighting

In any home, the lighting design is one of the most important aesthetic qualities. You rely on your lighting a lot more than you may think, both for ambiance and functional ability. remodel electricians are highly trained in both the design and installation of all lighting fixtures and electrical components. We can assist you to create a new design scheme or help you decide which type of lighting will complement the existing design for your addition.

Keeping On Schedule & Budget

With any home improvement project, we understand the importance of keeping on both schedule and budget. When you first meet with us for an estimate, we can discuss the timeline of your project, as well as the budget you have set aside. We can then put together a plan which allows us to complete your electrical project in a timely and affordable manner. Your safety is our top priority in all projects, regardless of the size

Electrical Design and Remodeling Services

New Residential Construction

electrical engineers and designers collaborate with construction teams to provide customized electrical and lighting systems to suit the owner’s needs. They work in tandem with our staff of highly trained residential electricians who install the system during remodelling. Our decades of working with residential builders gives us an edge in providing the best service for your needs.

Residential Remodeling and Renovation

staff of electrical professionals can work with your contractor to ensure a compatible, streamlined process. We can provide customized electrical and lighting systems that work within your budget and aesthetic needs. We’ve been helping area homeowners secure and update their residences for almost nine decades.

lectric Quality Standards

We understand that home construction or renovation can be very stressful endeavors. Through experience we have learned how to navigate the various building codes and zoning restrictions associated with these often complicated projects

promise to meet and exceed our quality standards including:

Maximum Safety

Highly Efficient Materials

High Tech Tooling

Most Effective Distribution of Power

Compliance with All Local Codes

Competitive Pricing

Complete Owner Satisfaction